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Crappy Unboxing of Airpods Max Test Podcast

Hey, folks. Long time no see.

This particular episode might not be available for very long. It’s mainly being put up to test the feed, which has been out of commission for a couple years now, at least as far as posting new episodes is concerned. We’ve been able to get episodes which had been posted earlier to show up—episodes I made before I knew there was a problem, so you have been gifted with a couple new adventures to listen to … but this is where we find out if I can actually start making new material and knowing with certainty that you will get to hear it through your podcast app of choice.

But this probably will be taken down soon, of for no other reason than the potential copyright violation is huge, and that is not what I intended. I was just testing the equipment.

Anyway, enough from me.


…while you can.