BlindSquare Test Run

In this podcast, Zeke and I put BlindSquare, an app for the iPHone which uses Foursquare and an open-source map system to combine into a formidably competent GPS app for blind travelers, to the test. We start out simply going to meet our friend Terry for morning coffee, and wind up getting more of an adventure than we bargained for on the way home. We end up getting a little lost and must use a combination of technology and skill … okay, mostly technology … to get un-lost. Some particularly nice 3D sound in this one, if I do say so, so once again, if you’re not listening with headphones or earbuds, you’re missing out on 80% of the fun of the podcast.

Also, when I refer to my recorder as the Olympus LS-2, that is incorect. It’s the Olympus LS-14. Can’t recommend the recorder highly enough, and you can get one for yourself here

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Now, go forth, grab some earphones … and enjoy!