Hello, and Welcome to my Podcast!

Hi, everybody. Thanks for checking out this blog and podcast. The purpose is very simple: Follow me on walks, interviews, trips, and whatever other adventures come our way. All you need is a pair of headphones, enthusiasm, and perhaps a method of walking along–whether it be a treadmill, or taking a stroll through your own neighborhood as we go. Due to the amount of traffic noise and such that occurs in this podcast, I don’t recommend listening while driving. Could get … messy.

In this, Zeke’s and my first podcast, we introduce ourselves, and we go for a walk. I give some background on who we are, why I’ve created this podcast, and what you can expect from same. Hope you enjoy.

Think of this particular podcast entry as a TV pilot. Some things have changed in subsequent entries–notably, the quality of the sound. I learned a lot in putting this entry together, to the point where I almost didn’t post it. First impressions and all. But for the most part, this entry is a good sample of what you can expect from this podcast. Just know that if you found the sound quality lacking, or didn’t think the podcast needed a theme … well, those things have been addressed in subsequent entries.

Okay, enough babbling from me. Enjoy the adventure!